Online & Radio Worship Information

We have began to meet back in person, and we are excited to see and worship with everyone again! Some of you may choose to continue worshipping at home due to health concerns, and we want to make sure that you continue to receive an opportunity to worship. Before we opened back up, we were pre-recording our service so it would be uploaded at an exact time each week. Now that we are doing things live on Sunday, we've had to change some of our timing to upload services efficiently. Here's the updated information:

No internet access? You can listen in on WNEG radio (AM 630/FM 93.1) at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. We’ll have a new sermon and worship music for you and your family to worship with at home.

Have a smart phone? Download our free mobile app through your Apple or Android/Google Play store ( Click the YouTube Icon on the homepage of our app to watch live at 10:30 a.m. You can then watch/listen on your device or cast it to your smart TV from your mobile device. Gather the family together and have a time of family worship in the safety of your own home.

Have internet? We’ve created a YouTube channel that will have our worship service available live during each service time. Once they process, they'll be available to watch the next day after the live events. Gather the family together and have a time of family worship in the safety of your own home.  We also publish Bible Study material for children, adult Sunday School, and Wednesday Night Bible study on this channel. The YouTube channel can be found at

Not available Sunday morning? While we want to encourage you to still set aside specific time to celebrate the Lord's Day, we understand that work schedules and responsibilities are in uncharted territories for some. You can still access any of our content, including new services, on our YouTube Channel, on our website, or in our app.

Thank you for your patience during this unfamiliar season. We are going to do everything we can to continue to reach, teach, and minister to the people of Tom’s Creek and our community. If there is a way we can minister to or pray for your family, please reach out to our office or staff.