Pastor's Article Nov. 28, 2021
November 23rd, 2021
What are you doing that requires faith? As Christians we are called to live by faith, we have accepted Christ by faith, and we are to walk by faith. The Bible tells us that without faith it is impossi...  Read More
Pastor's Article Nov. 21, 2021
November 22nd, 2021
As you read through the Bible you will find the word Thanks 108 times in 105 different verses. This is a word that drips from the pages of God’s Word. The reason God tells us to give thanks repeatedly...  Read More
Pastor's Article Nov. 14, 2021
November 12th, 2021
Weekly Article This year is going by so fast, here we are in the middle of November, getting ready for the holidays; wow time needs to slow down. During the month of November, it is important to take ...  Read More
Share Your Story
November 3rd, 2021
This week, we kicked off a new season of Upward with evaluations, and we are excited about the season ahead of us! One of my favorite things about Upward seasons are the halftime testimonies we get to...  Read More
Pastor's Article Oct. 31, 2021
October 29th, 2021
I found this article on Questions Answered that gives a little of the history behind Halloween that I thought you might enjoy. “Halloween's origins date back almost 2,000 years to a Celtic pagan festi...  Read More
Going Home
October 22nd, 2021
Have you ever gone somewhere and felt unwelcome, like you were out of place or as if the people there wanted you to leave? Needless to say, I have felt that way many times in my life, it may have been...  Read More
Pastor's Article Oct. 17, 2021
October 14th, 2021
Weekly ArticleWe live in a very confusing time; things are changing so fast that it can be very scary. I never dreamed I would see our country change as fast as it has over the last two years and espe...  Read More
God's Plan in Parenting
October 4th, 2021
The story of Joshua ends on a high note, where Joshua and the Israelites boldly proclaim, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!” However, the next chapter over, and throughout the entirety ...  Read More
Pastor's Article Oct. 3, 2021
October 1st, 2021
Weekly ArticleOver the past few years, I have realized more than any other time in my life how blessed I have been to have had Herman and Carolyn Marcus as my parents. To have had parents that loved m...  Read More
Strive for Harmony
September 27th, 2021
As a Christian, it often breaks my heart to see the world and church in the state it is in today. Too often, Christians are known more for what they are against rather than Whom they are supposed to b...  Read More
Pastor's Article Sept. 26, 2021
September 24th, 2021
Over the last two years there have been so many messages that have gone out around this world and for us especially here at home about the COVID-19, vaccines, treatment, and warnings of its lethalness...  Read More
Pastor's Article Sept. 19, 2021
September 17th, 2021
 Weekly ArticleThere is a thought that Satan loves to give people, when they go through hard times. Every time we face difficulty Satan wants us to think that we are the only one who has ever faced wh...  Read More