Pastor's Article Dec. 4. 2022
December 2nd, 2022
This last week we have been trying to get all packed up and ready for our vacation which is exhausting and at the same time exciting. When you are preparing to go somewhere you can’t help but get exci...  Read More
Pastor's Article Nov. 27, 2022
November 22nd, 2022
Weekly ArticleMuch of America was out looking for a deal last Friday, getting up insanely early fighting the crowds in hopes of a Black Friday Deal. If fortunate enough, they may have saved a couple o...  Read More
Pastor's Article Nov. 20, 2022
November 18th, 2022
Weekly ArticleLiving life with an attitude of thanksgiving, is the will of God. The Bible teaches us in no uncertain terms that we are to give thanks in ALL things; “In everything give thanks: for thi...  Read More
Weekly Article Nov. 13, 2022
November 11th, 2022
Weekly ArticleWow, what a wonderful October. It was such a blessing to see our church family work together to minister and witness to our community, through Judgement House and the Fall Festival. This...  Read More
Pastor's Article Nov. 6, 2022
November 4th, 2022
Weekly ArticleIf a person doesn’t grow up and mature normally, it becomes obvious that there are underlying problems at play. The same is true spiritually, if a person is born again and doesn’t move p...  Read More
Pastor's Article Oct. 30, 2022
October 28th, 2022
Weekly Article What an amazing Church! I am so thankful for you, the body of believers that will pull together and work tirelessly to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We worked long and hard last wee...  Read More
Pastor's Article Oct, 23, 2022
October 21st, 2022
Weekly Article  (Judgement House Oct. 23 thru 27,2022)Judgement House is always a very tiring, long week that brings great challenges and even greater rewards. Normally we see about 10% of the people ...  Read More
Pastor's Article Oct. 16, 2022
October 13th, 2022
Weekly Article/Sunday Oct. 16, 2022Moreover when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say unto you,...  Read More
Pastor's Article Oct. 9, 2022
October 7th, 2022
Weekly ArticleAfter a hard day of working the farmer comes in and takes off his dirty boots, gets a cold glass of water and sits down to rest. There is a satisfaction in knowing that he has labored in...  Read More
Pastor's Article Oct.. 2, 2022
September 30th, 2022
Weekly ArticleDo you ever get tired? There are several reasons people get tired, one is because often we work hard and just get exhausted. Just living in these bodies can be tiresome. Did you know tha...  Read More
Pastor's Article Sept. 25, 2022
September 23rd, 2022
Weekly ArticleIt is important to hear what God has to say, so the Lord tells us to hear the voice of the Holy Ghost. When was the last time the Holy Spirit spoke to you and what did you hear Him say? ...  Read More
Pastor's Article Sept. 18, 2022
September 16th, 2022
Weekly ArticleWhen someone says “consider this” what does that mean to you? To me it is a request to ponder and think deep about what they are laying before you. Jesus asked us to consider the lilies,...  Read More