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Don't Hold Back
April 13th, 2022
If Jesus wouldn't let death, hell, or the grave keep Him from walking out of that tomb, don't let anything hold you back this Sunday from worshipping our Risen Savior!Maybe you haven't been to church ...  Read More
by J.T. Albea
Share Your Story
November 3rd, 2021
This week, we kicked off a new season of Upward with evaluations, and we are excited about the season ahead of us! One of my favorite things about Upward seasons are the halftime testimonies we get to...  Read More
by J.T. Albea
God's Plan in Parenting
October 4th, 2021
The story of Joshua ends on a high note, where Joshua and the Israelites boldly proclaim, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!” However, the next chapter over, and throughout the entirety ...  Read More
by J.T. Albea
Strive for Harmony
September 27th, 2021
As a Christian, it often breaks my heart to see the world and church in the state it is in today. Too often, Christians are known more for what they are against rather than Whom they are supposed to b...  Read More
by J.T. Albea
Speak Truth in Love
March 26th, 2021
We serve a God of truth. Honesty, integrity, and a firm footing in eternal truths mark a genuine believer in Jesus Christ. We are warned against speaking lies in the Ten Commandments. We are told to w...  Read More
by J.T. Albea
What Now?
July 14th, 2020
It seems that each month this year has tried to “one-up” the previous months, and barely half-way through the year, it would seem that there’s more craziness around the corner. It would be so easy for...  Read More
by J.T. Albea