Don't Hold Back

If Jesus wouldn't let death, hell, or the grave keep Him from walking out of that tomb, don't let anything hold you back this Sunday from worshipping our Risen Savior!

Maybe you haven't been to church in a while, maybe your life doesn't look perfect, maybe you're weary from the world, maybe you have tension with others, maybe you fear what others may think... We may find reason after reason why this Sunday may not be convenient, and perhaps we can justify those reasons well. After all, Jesus was dead in the tomb. The disciples were mourning and without hope. The Pharisees were proud of their victory. Satan was rejoicing. They knew what defeat usually looked like, and the crucifixion seemed in every way to be defeat.
Yet Sunday came, and the tomb was empty. Easter is a moment for us to celebrate that when all seemed hopeless, when defeat felt near, and when everything seemed to be lost, our Savior emerged victorious.

If death, hell, and the grave couldn't keep Jesus from walking out of the tomb, don't let anything keep you from walking into church this Sunday to celebrate our Risen Savior. We welcome you. Let's celebrate together. Death has lost its sting! The world has been overcome! Sin has no hold on us anymore all because Jesus is alive!

We invite you to join us or to gather with any body of like-minded believers as we celebrate a special Lord's Day this week.
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