Strive for Harmony

As a Christian, it often breaks my heart to see the world and church in the state it is in today. Too often, Christians are known more for what they are against rather than Whom they are supposed to be for. Conflict and disunity are huge issues in the church that have turned many away from a place that should build up, edify, and encourage one another. While we may disagree on earthly things, we cannot let anything come before the primary goal towards which Christians should strive.

In Romans 14, Paul brings up an argument that is present in the church during that day on whether or not it was right for Christians to eat certain foods in certain situations. While Paul offered his take on the subject, he ends by saying, “Do not tear down God’s work because of food.” God intends to accomplish much more in our lives than settle petty disputes. He wills that all would repent and know Him as Lord and Savior, finding everlasting life in His name.

While we may disagree over politics, healthcare, and a plethora of other issues being fought over today, let us not tear down God’s work in the process. The greatest threat to the Christian faith is not those who disagree with us, it’s the marred witness of professing believers who say with their mouths that they are Christians, but their lives represent something else entirely.

So, let us pursue what promotes peace. Let us intentionally build up, edify, and encourage one another. Let us navigate the present chaos, knowing that the only hope this world truly has is in the redemptive arms of Christ, not in some edgy political meme or rant in all caps. In where we disagree, commit to honest dialogue and the compassion of Christ, and at the end of the day, let us stand firm on that which we agree: the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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