What Now?

It seems that each month this year has tried to “one-up” the previous months, and barely half-way through the year, it would seem that there’s more craziness around the corner. It would be so easy for us to get lost in all the happenings in the world, worried about what is to come and distracted by a constantly shifting landscape. In the midst of everything going on, it can be difficult to find our place and purpose.

The disciples experienced three years of walking with Jesus. They witnessed miracle after miracle, hearing parables and sermons from the Son of God, Himself. Then He was gone. Their world had been flipped upside down as Jesus was crucified. Everything they had come to know and believe in seemed distorted and blurry as they struggled to cope. Then Jesus appeared to them, resurrected, and their world changed again! Weeks later, they stand on a mountain as Jesus plans to ascend to the Father. With the constant changes they had experienced, Matthew records that some doubted, while Luke records them asking about the future. Jesus responds in Acts 1:7-8, telling them not worry about what is to come but to focus on the mission.

Friends, don’t lose focus on what is most important. Politics nor pandemics have the power to save or condemn a soul. Our hope rests in Jesus Christ alone. Let our speech, our conduct, and our lives bear witness to only name by which man may be saved. Let this mission be our focus, and let’s give it everything we’ve got.

Rev. Evan Alexander
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