Pastor's Article April 16, 2023

Pastor’s Weekly Article
The book of Judges is a book that says repeatedly that Israel, the people of God, did what was right in their own eyes. What does that mean? It means that they replaced the laws of God with what was acceptable to themselves. How dangerous is that for people who have a sinful nature? We have a track record of doing wrong and now we are allowing ourselves to set the standard of what is right and what is wrong. Do you see a problem with this plan? The book of Judges is a book that teaches us how God used foreigners to chastise the people of God due to the sinful life they were living. God used outsiders with weapons of destruction to chastise His own people so that they would repent and turn back to Him, then He would send a ruler or deliverer to lead them to a victory over the very pagans used to chastise them. 
What can we learn from these stories? Overall, I think the first lesson would be that it is a step in the wrong direction to leave it up to us or any other man to determine what is wrong or right. God has given us a standard for living in His Word and it would be appropriate for us to study His Word and allow it to be the guide to our life. The second lesson is that God always has a way of chastising and correcting us. Friend don’t think that God can’t get to you, He knows how to get your attention and is willing to do what it takes to keep those who are His. The third point that I want to make is that God does care. He cares about your life, He cares about what you do, and He cares enough to not only chastise you, but to restore you to Himself. If you have walked away from Him following your own pursuits and plans, please know that God wants you and is not trying to hurt you but rather to restore you. Come to Him and experience an abundant life.                  
Rev. Wayne Marcus, Pastor Of:  Tom's Creek Baptist Church