Pastor's Article March 12, 2023

Weekly Article
Why does God allow bad things to happen and people to do bad things? This is one of the most common questions I am asked. So, let’s think about it for a moment. God is all knowing and all powerful, He created everything out of nothing and yet there seems to be so many people and so many things in His creation that have gone astray. Why doesn’t God fix the problems and the people and make everything work right?
Let’s contemplate these questions with some though provoking truth. Are you in any love and commitment relationships in your life that are mandatory? Meaning if your spouse was mandated to love you would you consider that to be love? What makes love so great is that it is born out of free will, not force. God Chooses to love us and we have free will to accept or reject His love. If it were any other way, it would not be genuine love. Because man is given the ability to choose, bad choices are made and with bad choices or fallen man comes drastic consequences. Honestly, we could not even define good without bad.
It is also very important to remember that we are living in a fallen world. The Land of the dying, therefore we groan with the process of dying as does all of creation, in the land with cursed ground, in a sin inflicted world. How could bad things not happen in a bad world with bad people? It is almost humorous that humanity wants to blame God for what we have and continue to do. God allows us to make choices and He allows us to suffer the consequences of not only our bad choices but also the bad choices of others. Mankind in general loves their sin, but hates the price thereof. For these reasons it is good to remember that Christians are headed to a place that is perfect, we are just passing through this world!
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus