Pastor's Article Feb 11

Why marriage? This is a question that should be asked when trying to consider if your marriage is fulfilling its designed purpose. Let’s look into the Word of God and discover the purpose of marriage.
The first purpose we find in God’s Word is to alleviate loneliness. Adam was alone, and God said it was not good for man to be alone. Therefore, He created woman. If you are married, your spouse should be companionship for you: your friend, lover, partner, and team member. If you are married and lonely, work on your marriage so that it will be the fix to your loneliness. Walking with God is great, and nothing can take the place of the relationship you are to have with God, but also note that walking with God did not give Adam all that he needed in companionship. He needed a spouse, someone with skin on her.
The second purpose we see is procreation. It is important to note that marriage is the first step in procreating. Sex outside of marriage is sin. Therefore, marriage is the answer to your physical needs and your commission to be fruitful and multiply. Man and woman are to work together to have children, to raise them to know God and to love and serve Him. We are to multiply a godly legacy and teach a holy walk to the next generation. The home is the schoolhouse, and our kids are the first pupils.
The third purpose is to complete one another. You and your spouse are very different; you were created different and that is for a reason. You are two different puzzle pieces that, when placed together, make a better whole. Adam and Eve were two individuals that were placed together to make one. Adam’s weakness was made stronger by Eve as she was given to him as a helpmeet. My wife complements me, and I complement her; together we make a great team, and the same will be true with you and your spouse. Often people get upset because of their differences but therein is your strength: two individuals coming together to make a whole, and strengthening each other in the union.
Being married is fun! It is challenging and exciting, but most of all, it is filled with purpose and the potential to bring honor and glory to God, as two become one and serve the Lord in a more proficient way.