Associate Pastor 04-07-24

When you take a second to think about it, time really does go by quickly. This year, Kylie and I both celebrated our 27th birthday. At the end of the year, we will ring in our fifth year of marriage. In the coming month, I will graduate from Liberty University with a bachelor’s degree. As glad as I am that I’m nearing the end of it, it doesn’t seem like I started three years ago. Next Sunday, I will be licensed for the Ministry, and plan to preach on the same passage as I did the first time I took the pulpit. It completely blows me away to think that was three years ago in 2021!
I say all this to point out that I am learning that the old saying is true, time really does fly. The older I get, the more I realize that my time is the most valuable thing I have. As a Christian, this means that as I live for Christ, my time should be spent glorifying Him. It is very easy to say this but much harder to live it out. There are so many things in this world that would have you take your eye off what really matters. Some of these may even start off with good intentions, but over time they become a life-draining weight that slows your relationship with God. As you go through this week, take a moment to analyze your life to see if it matches up with what God says makes a life worth living. May God lead you, always.
 Associate Pastor,
 J.T. Albea