pastor's article 05-05-24

My life is so busy, busy doing all the things that never seem to get done. Life often makes me feel like I am a hamster on a wheel: running, running, and running some more but really getting nowhere. You ever feel like you are just spinning your wheels, expending a lot of energy but not really getting anywhere? We do a lot in life that amounts to little, therefore it may be time to evaluate what is important and what is a waste of precious time. Ask yourself today how much of your life is an investment into the things that God has called you to, and how much is a distraction that Satan has lured you into. The most valuable asset you have is time - once it is gone it can never be regained, and there is no pause button on the hands of time. Our lives are fleeting right before our eyes and only what we do in obedience to Christ will have eternal rewards.
If we are going to stay busy, let us be busy doing the King’s bidding, serving the Lord with all that we have. Pray that God will allow us to see that what we have is His, and that we are only stewards in His kingdom. Our time, talents, and earthly treasures are to be used to invest in eternal rewards when we stand and give an account as to how we have lived our life. Please join me in praying that God will allow us to see our life as He does, and have the passion to live for the things that He has placed us here to accomplish. My greatest fear should be standing in the Lord’s presence at Judgement Day and realizing that all that I worked for is going up in flames as a straw house in the refiner’s testing fire. When this life is over, I want what I have done to have counted for something, not to be divided up and fought over by a bunch of worldly greed- mongers with an appetite for more of this world’s filthy lucre.
Rev. Wayne Marcus