pastor's article 03-24-24

Palm Sunday is the day that the Lord made His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The people spread palm branches out and shouted, “Hosanna! ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!’ The King of Israel!” 
They said this because they thought Jesus, as the Messiah, was coming to take over the throne of Israel. They were willing and wanting Him to rule over Israel. But what is somewhat humorous is that, while they wanted Him to rule over Israel, they were not all willing for Him to rule in their hearts as their personal Lord. They saw Jesus coming as King, but Jesus was coming to be Savior.
This was six days before Passover, which meant it was the time when Jerusalem was filled with people coming to get their lambs certified by the priest, as they were preparing for what was the biggest Jewish memorial feast of the year. The town was buzzing with commerce as people were buying their lambs and all the fixings to be prepared for this spiritual meal to commemorate the exodus from Egyptian bondage. Little did they know that the Lamb of God that John had spoken of was also coming into town to be sacrificed, that they might have everlasting life if they would but believe in Him.  
Remember Jesus is the Lamb and the Lion, He is Lord and Savior, He is the Sacrifice for Sin and the Victor over Sin. The Church age was about to be birthed and required the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The people of Israel were in for a crazy and life-changing week as Jesus walked into Jerusalem. May we behold the Lamb of God this week as we celebrate Holy Week.
Rev. Wayne Marcus