Pastor's Article 04-28-24

How important do you think it is that the Gospel is preached? Answer that question by answering a few other questions. Is there any other way for a person to get to heaven when they die than having accepted Jesus Christ? How can they accept Jesus Christ if they have never heard of Him? And finally, are they responsible and expected to receive Jesus Christ if they never hear of Him in their life? 
We will start with the first question: is there any other way for a person to get to heaven when they die other than Jesus Christ? No, there is not. Jesus teaches us that He is the way, the Truth, and the Life, and that no man comes to the Father but by Him. The answer to the next two questions is found in the text that we will be looking at today, but the short answer is that even creation proclaims Him, and it is put in the heart of man to know Him. Why is it harder to accept and believe Him, when all men everywhere are responsible and have knowledge of God?
I hope you understand that as a Church, we have an enormous responsibility to do our best to make sure that the world finds the true and living God so that they can have a better opportunity of being born again. We are so blessed to have been born and raised in a place where the Gospel is proclaimed daily! Don’t take this for granted and feel like that is the norm around the world. Consider it a responsibility and be a steward of what God has blessed you with. Go tell someone about Jesus today!
Rev. Wayne Marcus