Thank You, Mothers

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” Is a poem by William Ross Wallace that talks about the influence a mother has on this world by shaping her children. Does a mother really have that kind of influence? Ask yourself, did your mother influence you; could she have influenced you to do things different? In my case, I can say yes, and I am guessing that is true of you as well. I have seen women neglect their children, mistreat them, put everything in this world before them and yet still have unexplainable power and control over their decisions.

Please hear me moms: you have enormous opportunity to influence the lives of your children. It is so important that you understand that while your children may not listen to all that you say, they do learn to live much of their life based upon what they see you do. Just yesterday, my daughter Noel had Abigail, her youngest daughter who is only 6-months-old, by the hands letting her try to stand up, then right beside her Hannah Kate, her 3-year-old, took her baby doll by the hands and helped it stand up the same way. She was duplicating her mom’s mothering skills. What a way to make a difference in this world! You may not be a preacher, but you may raise one! You may not be a teacher, but you could be teaching one! You may not be a doctor, but you could be instrumental in developing one! Mom, the hand that rocks the cradle really does have a tremendous impact on this world. Thank you for all you do.

Rev. Wayne Marcus