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One of the most amazing things surrounding the birth of Christ is the messengers that God delivered the news too. When I read Luke 2 I marvel at the fact that God told the shepherds instead of the scribes. These men lived most of their life in the open fields and hills without running waters and of course they were dirty, smelly men. Unlike the ceremonial clean Pharisee’s and Sadducees, these men were not at all clean, nor were they refined and polished. Yet, these are the men that God choose to send the message of His most remarkable act of redemption and hands down the greatest message ever recorded into their trust. Why these men? I guess I should be asking why these men as I look into the mirror.

You see these men were the first to be trusted with the message but not the last. For over 2000 years this message has been preached and delivered to person after person that did not deserve to hear it, nor deserve the privilege of preaching it. Although we must understand that to God the qualification for proclaiming this message is having experienced its life changing power. Sinners need saving, and saved mankind are qualified to be a witness to the message and means of their salvation. So God started out by sharing it with those men who needed to hear, that were humble enough to listen, that were faithful enough to go share and bold enough to share with all that would listen. Have you heard the message and if so have you been faithful to go tell it to lost world?

Rev. Wayne Marcus  
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