The Best Gift Ever

I have received many gifts in my life, gifts for my birthday, gifts for pastor appreciation and gifts for Christmas and I am grateful for all of these gifts.  All of them have helped make my life better and made me feel special, appreciated and loved; yet none have given me life like the unspeakable gift that God has given me. With the gift of eternal life, and the earnest deposit of the Holy Spirit God has blessed my life with help for each day, power for every pressing moment and promise for tomorrow. The gift of Jesus Christ does not make my life carefree, but it does allow me to give my worry over to the Lord as I follow Him knowing that all that comes into my life is controlled by Him.

A gift that is given to whosoever will, has been a personal gift to me and a gift so powerful that it has led me to give my life as a sacrificial gift. A living sacrifice seeking to fulfill His perfect and acceptable will. When I think of Christmas I am reminded that this is not just a present but the presence of God, Emanuel with us. As we celebrate Christmas this year let us do it with the hope of heaven filling our lives and giving witness to the life that is available to all who will call upon the Lord.

Rev. Wayne Marcus  
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