Kingdom Stewardship

How would you feel if you received a letter from the IRS saying that you were being audited? My guess is that most of you would be at least a little concerned with such news. I have never met anyone who said that they wished the IRS would audit them; most people work really hard to avoid such a letter and want to be prepared in the event that they do get this news. The truth is that every Christian will experience a day of accountability that is much more intense that anything the IRS might bring your way. Not only will we give account for what we have had, made and wasted but what we could have had, done and accomplished on this earth for our Lord. Instead of you keeping the records, the omniscient King of the everlasting Kingdom will have all the records, and there is not one thing that He will misinterpret or overlook.

Everything we have has been given to us from the Lord, and we are stewards of it. We are working and waiting for His return and then we will give an answer for what we have done with our time and talents here on this earth. Many might say "if He comes" but I say "when He comes," for the Word of God leaves no doubt about His coming.

Friend, everyone has been given a measure of talents from the Lord and is personally responsible for what we do with His resources until He comes to reclaim them at our hand. Be faithful with all that He puts into your trust, knowing you shall give an account.    

Rev. Wayne Marcus

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