Pursuing Godliness

When you think of becoming more like God what does that mean to you? Does it mean having more power, more money, more respect or more of what you want to be in your mind? The reason I ask this is because the world has a messed up idea of what becoming more like God means.  A Biblical pursuit of being like God means, learning to sacrifice for the sake of others, loving those who are at enmity with you, having the power to destroy but a desire to heal and give life. A real pursuit of godliness is to resist the lust of the flesh, the corruption of the mind, and the fickleness of feelings in order to obey and submit to the leadership of the Spirit.

If we are really striving to be like the Lord we will learn to die out to the flesh daily, be sensitive and submit to the Holy Spirit regularly and practice holiness earnestly. The Church will never have the over powering presence of God calling us to repentance until we get serious about living a God honoring holy life on a consistent basis. When God says be ye Holy for I am Holy he was not making a recommendation but a proclamation that requires total sold dedication. This is a daily commitment to self-examination and repentance as we allow the Word of God wash over us and cleanse us for all ungodliness in our lives.

Rev. Wayne Marcus
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