Are You Sold Out?

Weekly Article, Sunday April 11, 2021
How has the Gospel changed your life? The life and work of Jesus changed the life of the believers of the early church in every way. Every time they would meet together they were putting their life in jeopardy. To say that they were followers of Jesus was very dangerous and to share their story of how Jesus had changed their life was in essence a death sentence or at least a move that made them less than safe and secure in this world. Yet the message of Jesus continued to spread and people continued to place their faith in Him to the point that the church was growing by thousands in weeks or months. People were selling their possessions giving the money to the church to be used to help others who were suffering persecution and for the furtherance of the gospel. I think it would be safe to say that these New Testament Christians were all in and totally sold out to Christ. We know how they felt about Jesus based on how they lived and what they did, not based upon what they said. James said that he would show you his faith by His works and of course we all know that our faith is really evidenced by our works not by our words. When we really believe or trust in Christ it changes how we live our life, where we go and what we do with and in our life. Our faith in Jesus Christ will always have the evidence of our life action to either prove its validity or show its vanity. When you really follow Jesus your life has fruit that shows the world the power of God and how wonderful a masterpiece He can create in a life sold out to Him. I hope you are all in and that God is doing a great work in your life day by day.
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus