Eternal Preparation

Weekly Article For 4-25-2021
About two months ago when my mom passed away, just before her funeral service the funeral director came to tell me I had a phone call. I went to the phone and on the other end of the line was a sweet lady that I formerly pastored that said she had been trying to get ahold of me and when she saw that my mom had passed and what time the funeral was, knew that I would be there so she called to ask me to do her funeral when she passed. I ask her when her funeral was going to be and she laughed and said she did not know when,  but knew that it couldn’t be much longer at her age. She was trying to get all of her arrangements ready for her passing, a time she knew was impending. Do you know when your funeral is going to be? My guess is you don’t, but what you do know is that you are going pass away someday and that you are going to spend eternity somewhere. As hard as it is to think about making arrangements for death no one would argue that life insurance, funeral arrangements and most importantly the decision about where you are going to spend eternity are all wise things to take care of. Over the years I have given advise about life insurance to a lot of people and of course been in my fare share of funerals, but my greatest joy is trying to help people make their eternal destination sure. 
I think anyone would agree with me that making funeral arrangements without making eternal preparations really seems to be a bit silly. To take care of a body that you are leaving and ignore the soul that will always be somewhere just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Therefore, I would like to ask you to be reasonable and make a decision about eternity before it is to late. Please understand to refuse to make a decision to die out to self and follow Christ is a decision to reject Christ. In others words what seems like no decision is really the wrong decision. Please accept Christ before it is too late.
 Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus