God's Will In Your Life

What are you struggling with today, what would you love to see God do in your life? Make a list by answering this two part question, go ahead and write it down on this bulletin or the inside of your Bible with the date beside it. Now in order to give you the confidence that you really need I want to remind you that our God created everything that is and has never had to say I cannot, in other words nothing is too hard for Him. He is all mighty, He is not dependent on anyone or anything. When I consider God’s wisdom, His power, and sovereignty I am reminded that there is nothing that I could ask that would stump Him. Yet there have been things that I have asked God to do that have not been done for me because those things were asked amiss of what God needed to do in me.
God is not obligated to do everything I ask Him to do but has promised that He does all things for the good of those that Love Him and are called according to His purpose. In order to see God answer my prayers I must learn to ask things that are according to His will and His will is revealed to us by His Word. God always works to accomplish His perfect will in our lives and delights in giving us the very things that moves us into the likeness of His precious and perfect Son. It is like your children asking you to teach them to be harder workers or more polite and respectful. Every one of us would love to see our kids desire to be better people and so it is with God and His children, the only difference is we are limited to what we can do and God is not. The key to seeing God do great things in your life is learning what is great for our lives and committing to desire those things. Therefore look at what you want and then change your wants to His will and in prayer ask Him to order your steps in the directions and ways you need to in order to join Him in working toward His will. Then wait and watch as He does great and mighty things in and through your life.
Rev. Wayne Marcus