Pastor's Article July 25, 2021

The Bible asked this question, it says “what would it prosper a man if he gained the whole world and lost His own soul?” When I answer this question it is so easy to say nothing. This is a no brainer, if I gained the whole world for a lifetime and then died and lost the world and my soul into eternal damnation, I would be an ultimate failure. Then when I consider the fact that no one gains the whole world, most people who refuse to die out to self and accept Christ have a dismal life at best and then they die and spend eternity in an even worse place and predicament than they had here on this earth. The conclusion is that a person who rejects the life that Christ offers them loses twice and forever.
Then I think about the legacy that they often leave, I want to pose another question too ponder. What if a man gains wealth here on this earth and teaches his children to seek wealth and his kids die with His wealth and their own but lose their own soul; what has this man gained? You see I would rather die and go to hell myself than to think of my children dying and going to Hell. If I leave my kids the whole world yet void of the example and understanding of giving their life to Christ I have failed. The best way to love your family is to lead your family to Jesus. Jesus makes all the difference in how we live our life and where we spend eternity.
I hope you understand the importance of loving Jesus and loving your family to Jesus. To really prosper and be a winner you must learn to live through and for Christ. My prayer is that God will bless you with all spiritual blessings and knowledge of the riches of Christ.
Rev. Wayne Marcus