Pastor's Article Aug. 1, 2021

Newsletter Article
For  Bulletin: August 1, 2021

Do you feel like God is Justified in the way He treats you and others? It may be that you know how you are supposed to answer this question but in the back of your mind or in the secret recesses of your heart you struggle with your lot in life. It is rather comical that we try to hide how we feel toward the Lord when He knows the very thoughts and intents of our heart. Over the years I have been witness to many people going through very difficult times in their life, such as the sudden and tragic loss of a child or a spouse, sickness and or mental attacks in life. To be honest with you there has been times when I have pleaded with God to spare the life and the health of people to no avail and at times been upset with the Lord because He didn’t do what I wanted or thought He should have done. Then over the process of time He reminds me that He still loves me even when He does not obey me. (Lol) Trials have a way of testing our faith and eventually strengthening our faith and resolve to trust God even when life is not what we think it should be.
The Devil wants you to commit to a conditional love for the Lord. Meaning Satan wants you to love the Lord if things go good in your life and everything is peachy, but as soon as trials or tribulation comes the Devil would have you turn to anger and disbelief. This is what He calls serving God for naught in in the book of Job. In other words, serving God for what He can do for you and not what you can do for Him. Job Chapter 1 always makes me evaluate and question my motives and commitment level to God. The truth is, that God has richly blessed my life and it is much easier to love Him when I see His bountiful blessing in my life. Yet, His love for me is not just based on what I see, it is based upon what His Word and past action say and prove. By faith I must believe that God so loves me that He gave His only begotten Son for me. My prayer is that when things are good and when things are bad in my life, that my love and commitment for Him will remain the same. It is a false expectation for me to think that I will never have troubles in this world. The trials we face are not an indicator of an absence of God’s love but can be a great testing ground for His faithfulness through it all. He loves me and this I know!
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus