Pastor's Article Aug. 22, 2021

Weekly Article
Covid-19 has messed up a lot of things and caused a lot of confusion. Things that use to be so simple and easy to navigate are now much more complicated. For instance, I no longer know if I should hug, shake a hand, bump a fist, touch an elbow or just keep my distance. As a Pastor my ministry expectations are also very confusing, for 27 years of my life as a Pastor I always knew that if someone was sick and in the Hospital, and I knew of it, my expectation and goal was to try and visit them. If we had visitors, my goals were to try and go to their home and see them. We tried to visit with our shut-ins periodically and call and check on people who were missing from church for a prolonged period. Now it seems that all of this is some-what confusing, now there are a limited number of hospitals that will allow visitors and some only the immediate family or one designated person. Some people don’t want anyone coming to their home and when you call those that are missing, they often seem almost defensive in telling you that they don’t feel comfortable or safe going to church. I write this to tell you that I am tired of not knowing what to do, and feeling guilty for not doing what everyone secretly expects out of me. I need your help! Please tell me if you are in the Hospital or going to have a surgery and want me to come. Please tell me if you want a visit or know of someone that does. Finally, please don’t get mad if I don’t call or upset if I do call, I am just trying to stay in contact with my church family. Remember I am a Pastor, and this is my first time ever Pastoring through a pandemic. If you feel that it has been too long since I have called and talked to you please feel free to call me, my office is open, and I would love to have a visit or call from you.       Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus