Pastor's Article Sept. 19, 2021

Weekly Article
There is a thought that Satan loves to give people, when they go through hard times. Every time we face difficulty Satan wants us to think that we are the only one who has ever faced what we are facing. That somehow if God loves us, we would be above the problems and trials of this world. The truth is what we face is and will continue to be faced by all humanity. For thousands of years Satan has used the same tactics, and God has given the same grace and power to face our temptations. What amazes me is that we refuse to learn from the past, we still believe the same lies, fall for the same tricks and struggle with the same things that all of those before us have.
We watch strong men of faith struggle and fall into sin; we see where they went wrong, started struggling and fell into sin and we shake our head and say how, as if it would never happen to us. We do this Knowing that the Word of God teaches us that all of us are weak without the power of a strong close relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The one thing that keeps us from falling seems to be the very thing that we find it so easy to neglect. Which means that somewhere along the way we started thinking that we are what makes us strong and when we start believing that we are our own strength we are destined to drift away from our true strength and hope. Today remember that without Christ we can do nothing, and that He is the hope of our Christian power and faithful walk.
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus

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