Pastor's Article Sept. 26, 2021

Over the last two years there have been so many messages that have gone out around this world and for us especially here at home about the COVID-19, vaccines, treatment, and warnings of its lethalness. When I developed the virus, I thought all right here we go, let’s get this done. I began to battle it and was going great knowing that God was in control and the giver and taker of life, and which ever was fine with me. Then on the fourth day Tammy woke up sick and at that point I was alarmed to say the least, nothing had changed with God, He was still in control, and I knew that, but I also knew that I would much rather die than be here alive with my wife gone. Yet, I also knew and still rest in the assurance that if I live, I am to live unto Christ and if I die, I will be with Christ. I am reminded throughout the scripture that I am not to fear death, or even one who can take my life here, I am to fear the one who can condemn my soul to Hell or save my soul from hell and deliver me into Heaven.
My point is that the greatest mission and message that we have as Christians is not to try and do that which is beyond our power. I cannot keep someone from getting sick if that were the case, I would not have gotten sick, and my precious wife definitely would not have been sick. I cannot fix the problems of this sin cursed world, but I can share a message and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the ultimate solution to death, hell and the grave. My message is the mission that God has given me and that is that Jesus saves, all of us have been called to proclaim a message that we should never be ashamed of, a message that the whole dying world needs to hear. Remember your mission is to share the lifesaving message of Jesus Christ.
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus

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