Pastor's Article Dec. 5, 2021

Weekly Article
Christmas season is here and with that comes all the hustle and bustle of shopping, parties, and family gatherings. It is very easy to get over-whelmed with all the happenings of Christmas and miss out on the real meaning and spiritual reflections that should accompany the Christmas season. There are several miracles that should be remembered during this time of the year. The first is the miracle of Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. As recorded in Matthew 1:23 Jesus is Emmanuel, God incarnated to dwell among us. This is an amazing demonstration of the Love of God, the one who created everything that is and watched His creation walk away from Hi, still loves us so much that He came to dwell among us. God left the majesty of Heaven, robed himself in flesh and became a part of His creation so that we might be saved.
When you consider the foreknowledge of God and consider the fact that before the foundations of the World, God knew that His prize creation would be flawed with sin. He knew that He would have to send His only begotten Son into this sin cursed world and that this would result in the crucifixion and the resurrection. Before God even began creating humanity the cost was evident and cross was imminent and yet because of His love and desire to have a people who would love Him because He choose to love us first, He proceeded. He so loved us that He carried out His creative and redemptive plan. Our creation, and salvation is a miracle that should be remembered during this Christmas Season as we celebrate Emmanuel, God being born so that He could be with us!                   Your Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus