Pastor's Article April 3, 2022

Weekly Article
Death is something that is coming to all of us, we don’t know when or how but we know for certain that death is glooming on the horizon. It amazes me as to how different people deal with the reality of our impending mortality. Some people try to ignore or deny the fact that they are going to die as if doing this will somehow negate their inevitable fate. There are others who accept it, but deny the eternal impact that this will have on their displaced soul for eternity. In other words, they act as if the body is all they are and when they die, they will just be gone, finished never to exist again. This too is a form of denial; they neglect the fact that they are an eternal being and that their soul and resurrected body is going to spend eternity in either hell or heaven based upon what they do with Jesus. Then there are the people who live in the reality of their humanity and eternal existence and live life in full acknowledgment that the body is going to die, and the soul is going to be set free. Knowing that through their own power they cannot live in heaven for eternity they accept the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ by repenting of their sin and are saved.
Jesus said, And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free John 8:32. Some people live their whole life in the bondage of a lie, fearing death, fearing life, or the fear of giving their life to Jesus. Knowing the truth will set you free if you will accept it and respond in the correct way. So today if you are not ready to die, please give your life to Jesus and start living life in freedom. It is amazing to witness the different responses people have when they are told that they are sick and going to die. I have heard Christians almost become giddy or excited over the fact that eternity is just around the corner, and I have also witnessed to people who blatantly refuse to accept this news and with anger lash out at all who dare to breach the subject. Remember; ignoring or rejecting the truth does not change it but accepting it can change the consequences if you will respond by saying yes to Jesus.   Rev. Wayne Marcus