Pastor's Article May 1, 2022

Weekly Article
When we look back at our life, we can see how each and everything that we have experienced had a part in preparing us for what comes next. Today we look at students who have accomplished one phase of their education and are entering into a higher form of education or the work force. This allows us to put into perspective that grammar school is necessary for middle school and middle school for high school and so on. Therefore, we understand that what we learn at one level is important for the next level. So it is with life, what you may be going through or experiencing today has a divine purpose for tomorrow, just a year ago my youngest granddaughter was struggling trying to talk and would get so mad when she could not get us to understand what she was saying, today talking is not a problem for her. My point is that what you are struggling with today may seem very small and insignificant by this time next year and of course God uses our struggles to prepare for bigger and better things in the future. God is working on making us in the image of His son and that means we must change a lot in a short lifetime. A formal education happens in a school system, but a normal education takes place through the process of life as we are forever learning and growing through life’s obstacles and struggles which teach us to listen and depend on the Lord. Your formal education teaches you how to learn throughout the process of your normal education. The good news is that one day we will graduate from this school we call life and will be the like the Lord Jesus.
Rev. Wayne Marcus