Pastor's Article June 5, 2022

Weekly Article
There was a man who had everything that he had ever dreamed of possessing, he had so much that He had to make more room to store his wealth. To look at this man you would think that he was on top of the world, he had worked hard, saved wisely, and had great wealth. This man was a true success story in the eyes of the world, he was you might say a success and living what is referred to as the American Dream. Then one night he was probably tired, and yet at the same time very proud of all that his hard day of work had accomplished, he laid down to sleep, planning to get up next day and work just as hard in accomplishing his task of acquiring more. As he slipped off to sleep, he had no idea that he would wake up absent in his body, no idea that his body would be discovered and that all he had worked for would be divided among those who had not worked for it. He now stands in utter poverty before a holy God and he as a naked sinner with no covering of righteousness. He would hear the words of Holy God say “ thou fool tonight thy soul be required of thee”. A fool because he had neglected to prepare for the most certain thing in His life and that is death. A fool because he had worked for what he could not keep and lost what he needed most, eternal life. This is a parable that is found in Luke 12:16-21 and is a stark reminder that all of us are going to die and the wealth of this world cannot prepare us for eternity, we must give our life to Lord and be clothed with His righteousness. We must live everyday as if it is our last, for one day it will be.
Your Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus