Pastor's Article June 19, 2022 (Father's Day)

Weekly Article ~ Father's Day 2022
To all of the people who are reading this, whose father has passed away, what do you remember about your dad? For me when I think of my dad, I remember that he was always there for me, he loved my mom with an incredible love that showed itself in faithfulness and dedication, he had a quick wit and could make any situation lighter with his amazing humor. What I tend not to remember without really thinking hard about it is his faults, to which I will not list out of respect for him. Yet, I want you to know that he had faults, and if I think about his life, I can remember some of them, which brings me to my point. I am very thankful for my dad and the work he put into raising me and my siblings, and God used it all in our lives to shape us and mold us into the people we are, the good and the bad, although we probably added a little to the bad traits. This is common with mankind; the world gets worse and worse as the years go by and the reason is because fallen man has gotten good at practicing sin.
Remember today that what you do, is teaching people both good and bad, and honestly the bad is easier for those who follow in our footsteps to learn than what the good is. For me to grow in my faith and goodness it requires discipline, for me to falter, all it takes is following the desires of my heart and my flesh. So, to all you fathers, know that when you die people may not talk about your faults, but they will likely have to work hard not to live them out.
Your Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus