Pastor's Article July 24, 2022

Weekly Article
The Devil is a deceiver, a liar and works hard at deceiving people and ruining their life here and leading them into eternal damnation. He deceived Eve in the Garden which led to the fall of man, (I Timothy 2:14) He has and will deceive nations to rebel against God and Israel. He uses many tools such as pride, strong drink, lust, the promise of power, fear, and materialism to lure people away from God and into destruction. He wants to deceive you and the truth is you may be deceived today, if you are realizing your deceptive state is the work of the Holy Spirit of God and is your only hope of real liberty. The Bible says repeatedly “be not deceived” which to me says that you have a choice concerning deception, you can choose to believe a lie or accept the truth and of course the truth can be hard to swallow at times. If a person is willing to believe a lie, he will become captive of deception and find that is like being overtaken by a boa constrictor that with the exhale of every breath the grip gets tighter. You can start today by taking a good hard look at your life and being honest about where you are with the Lord, if you are rejecting Him or any part of His plans for your life, then you are not following His truth. With each act of rebellion, the next step away from Him becomes easier. It is sad that a person can be led to their own demise willfully if they take small steps in the wrong direction. Today listen to the Holy Spirit, become sensitive to the voice of God through His Word, and let Him lead you to an abundant life. Be willing to turn away from any and everything that the Word of God calls wrong. If Satan can somehow make you smile, laugh, or even enjoy the trip down he can get you to bottom of doom before you even realize your desperate situation. While there is still a chance, turn to God with your whole heart and follow Him.    Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus