Pastor's Article July 31, 2022

Weekly Article
Do you ever get through today’s struggles by looking at tomorrow’s promises and plans? Maybe you have a vacation planned and when you get tired at work you start calculating the days until you leave for vacation. Maybe you are on the retirement countdown and when the everyday grind of work starts getting you down, you start counting the years, months, days, and hours until you can take it to the house. As Christians, we have a lot of promised events that help us make it through the tough days; therefore, we read this command repeatedly in the Bible that says “Watch Ye!” It is recorded about a dozen times just in the New Testament alone.
We are to watch and pray, watch and be ready.  To “watch” means to be looking forward to, or to get ready for something that is coming or is going to happen. There is an event on the horizon that is bigger and better than vacation or retirement and it is the Second Coming of the Lord! On the day when Jesus comes back as the King of all Kings, we will all start realizing our eternity as the victors we are. There will be no more battles with the flesh, with the world, or with Satan, just living in fellowship with the King Supreme for all of eternity. In the book of Revelation, John, as He was on the Isle of Patmos due to his testimony and as a form of persecution, was encouraged of the Lord by a Revelation of Jesus Christ coming again. These same promises have encouraged many Christians down through the years as we, with great anticipation, look for and await this glorious day when our Jesus we shall see.
May I remind you that the return of Christ is more certain than your vacation or retirement, John said, “Behold He cometh” and God recorded it in His Word for all ages to read and cling to as an anchor of hope during the storms of life. My sweet brethren look up for your redemption draweth nigh! Even so, Lord Jesus come quickly.  Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus