Pastor's Article Aug. 21, 2022

Weekly Article
Do you have a problem listening to others, maybe you get distracted by what is going on around you or by your phone? As a communicator It is frustrating trying to talk to someone who is distracted, you are talking and trying to make your point and notice that they are not looking or interacting with anything you are saying. At the house the other day Abigail, my youngest grandchild was standing in front of the whole room attempting to have her few minutes of limelight by telling one of her stories that make no sense whatsoever. As she was making her hand gestures and talking almost as loud as she could, she all of a sudden stops, and with her fingers points to her eyes and says look me in the eyes and listen to me. No doubt she learned this at preschool from a teacher that felt as though she needed the attention of her class. This may be something I try in my preaching soon, so be ready. The Bible tells us that it is important that we don’t let what God is saying slip or slide by our hearing, if we don’t hear we cannot heed, and if we don’t heed, we cannot accomplish and a failure to accomplish results in certain consequences and repercussions. It is one thing to miss what a grandchild says, or even what a teacher says, but to miss what God is saying to you is disastrous and very dangerous. If you want the ear of God, you better be certain to bend your ear to hear what God says to you. It is not wise to ignore what the creator and judge of the whole world has to say to you. Don’t become complacent in your relationship with God and start taking for granite His communication with you. Learn to listen to God more than you try to tell Him, to look into His eyes is to look intently into His Word. Search His Word with the same zeal as a man standing in a river sifting through sand panning for gold, for His wisdom is much more valuable than precious gold. 
 Rev. Wayne Marcus, Pastor of Tom's Creek Baptist Church