Pastor's Article January 01, 2023

Weekly Article
With a New Year there is always a sense of a new start and a great time to set new goals and establish plans. So how do you set goals? It is always wise to seek the face of God when setting goals, make sure that the things you aspire to achieve are not just things you want but rather are goals that you know will bring honor to God. To do this, it is imperative that you know the mind of Christ, the heart of God is more important that the feelings of man; therefore, start your search in seeking the face of God. After you are certain of the will of God for your life, break your goal down into small steps and organize them into daily task that can be achieved by reaching daily goals. For instance, it is always a goal of mine to read the Bible through in a year, to do this, I need to read four chapters a day. If I look at the Bible as a whole, it looks like a big book and seems overwhelming, but breaking it down into daily sections it is very doable. If you want to personally share your faith with 30 people next year you could strive to share with one person a week and you would more than exceed your goal by the end of the year. If you set a goal, make plans that help you achieve the goal and begin working the plan.
There are a lot of people who have given up on personal growth because they have failed at reaching their goals so many times, but to fail to set goals and work a plan is failure from the start.  It is better to plan and fail than to fail to plan. If you only make it a quarter of the way to your goal that is still a move forward. Don’t let anyone tell you that where you are in life is where you always have to stay. Be committed to always growing closer to God and being the person He is calling you to become.
Rev. Wayne Marcus