Pastor's Article June 25, 2023

~ Weekly Article ~
What are some of the ways in which we try to predict the future? There are several ways, one is to listen to the God of Heaven who has written the future as if it were history. Before we were, God was, and everything that happens, He being sovereign God knows or should we say Knew before the foundation of the World was ever lain. Therefore, to listen to God is a great way to know what the future holds. Another way is to learn from history, as you look back you can see what happens to people when they began to act or practice certain lifestyles in a habitual manner. We know that most democracies fall because they start voting for themselves more benefits than they can afford, we also know that when a society lives and accepts sinful lifestyles and behaviors it destroys the fabric of their nation. History and I mean real History, like from the beginning of time shows us that Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. When a nation becomes so sinful that is starts promoting sin that God calls an abomination and starts trying to censor truth, that nation is headed to a destructive end. To be proud of Homosexuality is nothing more than an attempt to encourage people to live a perverted and sinful lifestyle as a slap in the face of a Holy God. If a nation says that they trust God and then refuse to follow His guidance for life, that is total hypocrisy.  Be sure of this very thing, that God shall not be mocked, for what a man soweth that shall he also reap. Our nation is and will reap the devastating results of turning its back on the very God that has so blessed us. It is not as though we are going to experience the wrath of God, we are already experiencing the wrath of God. As much of the world clamors in fear of climate change and the storms that are coming due to ice melt. I think we ought to be fearful of the storms that are coming due to the wrath of a thrice Holy God.
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus