Pastor's Article Aug. 13, 2023

~ Pastor’s Weekly Article ~
Do you have any regrets in your life? I imagine all of us have done things that we regret and if given the chance for a redo we would take it. Sometimes life gives us redo opportunities, when I play putt-putt golf with Tammy there are times when we allow redoes, and yet there are other times when life is not generous. It saddens me every time I think of the women who were in desperate situations and were persuaded or felt as if abortion was the only way out and made that fatal decision. For the rest of their life, they live in regret and pain over the loss of a precious child. If tears and regret could turn back the hand of time it would have been done for so many. I think of a mom who allowed her son to drink alcohol as a child as long as he did it with her present, not knowing it would lead to him becoming an alcoholic and ending his life in an intoxicated automobile accident, the pain of that decision lingers in her mind day in and day out, but no amount of tears can change the outcome.
Friend remember that God is merciful and gives us grace for this race called life, but also know that decisions have consequences and many of them are unchangeable. It is heart breaking to see people have to learn to get up every day knowing that their day will be seasoned with sorrow and pain because in the past they made decisions based on head knowledge or the leadership of an evil heart. Friend let God through His word lead you, do what God shows you is right even if it seems hard, knowing that He leads you to a better life.  Let your steps be ordered by the Lord. He desires to lead you to a life that is full of joy and service for Him and then when this life is over it only gets better. Sin begets sin, and the result is destruction, but right living makes life right, and leads to the joy of the Lord. Therefore let’s commit to living for the Lord.                        
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus