Pastor's Article Oct. 22, 2023

~ Pastor’s Weekly Article ~
Judgement House has arrived, and it is going to be a busy week, filled with challenges and opportunities. This is an exhausting time of the year and one of my favorites. This week we will get to share the gospel with hundreds of people and watch the Word of God accomplish that for which it is sent forth. I am asking you to pray to the Lord of the Harvest that He will give an increase, and please make the work of this week a priority, give yourself whole heartily to sharing the Gospel and making Christ known. Remember that this is not about us, or Toms Creek, it is about Christ and the will of God the Father that all people would be saved.
Our goal this week is to see lost people come to Christ and therefore we will be dealing, with people who have messed up lives, who live each day in very sad and destructive ways. You will most likely see people who are struggling with Satanic oppression and or Satanic possession. Some people may be rude, others scared and most all of them scarred by sin. These are people in whom God loves and they will come to us feeling condemned and ashamed, for most of them just walking into the church will be a feat, please for the love of God, do all that you can to make them understand and sense the love that God and His people have for them. Be the friendly people that you are, smile, welcome, and pray for them to make them receptive to the message we are going to be sharing. Expect victory and battles this week knowing that spiritual warfare is a very real thing, and our weapons are prayer, the Word, and Holy Ghost determination to keep on keeping on. I look forward to serving with you this week.                         Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus