Pastor's Article Dec. 17, 2023

~ Pastor’s Weekly Article ~
Have you ever thought about how much confusion Christmas causes? All the parties, family gatherings, crowded shopping malls and outlets, what a hectic and busy time Christmas is. Historically speaking Christmas has always put lives under a lot of stress. Think for a moment about Joseph and Mary, they were engaged and would one day be married when they found out that Mary was pregnant. They had not been intimate with each other, Mary had never known a man and yet their life and plans had been interrupted by God. Mary’s reputation and life was in jeopardy if Joseph didn’t marry her, Joseph was to accept the fact that this was a miracle from God and not deception by Mary. Their life had been planned out and was going to plan until the first Christmas came along. When Herod heard that King Jesus was born, The Bible said he was troubled and therefore all of Jerusalem with Him. He felt threatened when he heard that a King was born, therefore he set out on a mission of killing the newborn King, so much so that he ordered all children two years old and younger to be slain. Think about the moms who had their children ripped from their arms and killed because of Christmas. When God gave His only Son, it changed everything, the incarnation of God, Christ coming into this world shook things up, and when Christ comes into our life it will also make things much different. It causes us to rearrange the way we live, and do things differently: a new King, a new rule, a new hope, Christmas makes things different, but it also makes life much better. I hope Christ has changed the way you live, if not allow Him to take control over your life and experience the real joy that comes with Christmas.
Pastor, Rev. Wayne Marcus