The Church's Purpose

The Church has been given a very specific purpose: to glorify God as we lift up Jesus Christ. We should always strive to do this through our songs, our preaching, our giving, and our lifestyle. So often, congregations gets sidetracked from their purpose of magnifying Christ and start lifting up a preacher, their attendance, or, as is the case in many instances today, their acceptance of ungodly living and tolerance of liberal theology. Jesus never compromised His standard of holiness to be accepted of the crowds. He fought against the legalism of religion and preached the truth of forgiveness but never tolerance. His message was "repent and be forgiven" but never "continue to live in sin and be accepted."

The Church has also been given a specific message; the message that brings honor to God is the message of Jesus Christ. We are called to preach Christ, His righteous life, His sacrificial death, His glorious resurrection, and His call to whosoever will come and be saved. The message is not always popular among people, nor is it pleasing to those who practice a sinful lifestyle. Yet, the message is powerful; "it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes" (Romans 1:16). God has not given His church the right to change the message in order to please people or the power to change people without the message. There may be times when we sound repetitive, and that is okay because we are called to proclaim this message over and over until the Lord comes again. The way be glorify God is to obey Him, and it is impossible to obey Him without following His purpose as we proclaim His message.

Rev. Wayne Marcus
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