Our Most Important Decision

Have you ever had trouble making a decision? One reason people have trouble making decisions is because they worry that they are going to miss out on something or that they are going to disappoint someone. There are some decisions in life that are not really a big deal but can become a real struggle. Like where do you want to eat, what do you want to eat, or what are you going to wear? These are decisions that we have to make often, and if you get it wrong by ordering the wrong things or going to the wrong place you will likely get over it. Then, there are bigger decisions like where are you going to work, who are you going to marry, what kind of vehicle are you going to drive, or how much can you afford to spend on a house. These are bigger decisions that you want to try to get right, and if you don’t, they can have some costly consequences.

While all the previous decisions must be made in a person life, the biggest and most important decision is one that impacts all others and has eternal consequences. Who will be the Lord of your life? Will it be you, your spouse, the world, or will you by default follow Satan? My prayer is that you will surrender all of your life to Jesus Christ, the Lord of all! Make no mistake about it: there has to be a choice made. You have to decide and commit to Christ if He is going to be the Lord of your life. Will you put your trust in Christ and live your life for Him? If you have, that was a wise decision, and you are a winner. If you have not, there is still time. Come to Him today, and give Him total control of your life.  

Rev. Wayne Marcus  
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