Victory in Christ Jesus

Can you imagine being a believer in Jesus Christ and standing at the foot of the cross and watching Him as He was being crucified? The followers of Jesus had developed a love for Him and a great hope of Him being the one that would deliver Israel from the Roman reign. They thought that as the Messiah, He would be their new King; He would be the one that would defeat their enemy and give them their victory. Then came the trial, the cross and the tomb; this is not how they thought it would turn out! They were heart broken, disappointed, scared, and of course very sad. To each of the disciples it seemed that this was the worst day of their life, in their mind nothing could be worse than what had just happened as Jesus was put to death. If He was really God in the flesh, then God had just been put to death! What could possibly be worse than that?

Have you ever gone through something that was totally unexpected; something that left you feeling hopeless, sad and if you were honest, confused as to why God would allow this to happen? Maybe that is what you are feeling right now. If so, maybe we can learn something from Calvary. Think about this, what the Disciples thought was the worst day of their life and that God had been defeated was actually the time that God was doing His greatest work. When they thought Jesus lay dead, He was actually defeating death. He was not overthrowing the Roman Empire; He was defeating a much bigger enemy. When they thought God had lost, He was making it possible for a lost world to be saved. May we remember that God’s greatest work may seem like our greatest battle, what looks like a loss may be our biggest victory! As the Devil had His followers nailing Jesus to the cross, little did He know that He was putting the final nail in His own coffin!

Remember you are victorious in Jesus Christ, point blank, no discussion. You are a winner IN Christ Jesus!! God will get you through everything that He leads you into, and you will come out the other side better than you were when you went in. Jesus bruised His heal as he crushed the head of Satan.

Your Pastor,
Rev. Wayne Marcus
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