Would Jesus Support Socialism?

As a Pastor, one of my responsibilities is to teach the Word of God, giving a Biblical worldview. Without surprise, this often goes against the teaching of the secular worldview. During this politically charged time there are many important topics that need to be looked at from the Bible. The issue that seems to be so popular this year is the push for socialism in our country. Many moderates and liberals would try to argue that Jesus was a socialist. One would only think that if they had a flawed view of socialism or a flawed view of what the Bible teaches about benevolence.
I have been trying to get a clear and working definition of socialism, and of course it is really hard to do, so I will share with you what I have been able to come up with. Socialism, as promoted by many, is a governmental system that increases taxes on the wealthy to pay for college education, healthcare for all, and pushes for a very high minimum wage. By the way this is where it would start but far from where it would end (e.g. further taxes to pay for the socialist agenda, New Green Deal, etc.).

So the question I pose to you is, “would Jesus be voting for a pushing socialism?” Did Jesus, as recorded in the Bible, teach socialism? We will answer these questions Sunday, but for now I would say that in neither the Old or New Testament did God promote mandating people to give to others. Jesus asks the rich young ruler to sell what he had and give to the poor to prove his heart, but he did not say the law says, or the law should say. Zacchaeus, under conviction and according to repentance, gave back tax money to people he had cheated, but of course he was IRS man who wronged people. In Acts 2 and 4, you find the church members selling what they have and combining their resources to take care of one another but not according to government law but the grace of God and love one for another.

The truth is that people who want socialism don’t want it so they can give, they can already do that freely now. They want it so they can receive. It is really hard for me to look at politicians who are crying about social injustice and wanting laws that force taxes on the wealthy so that the poor can be taken care of when they themselves are multi-millionaires. In Matthew 20, Jesus made it clear that man ought to have the power to do or pay what he will with his own earnings. If a man is hired and agrees to a wage then his power is in taking the job or refusing it.
Rev. Wayne Marcus
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