A Special Day

This is a special day; two things that are very special take place today. The Lord’s Supper this morning which is a special time set aside for us to remember the sacrificial death of the Lord for our eternal life. It is somewhat sad that God has to tell us to remember the Lord till He come, knowing that if He did not we would forget the price that was paid for us. Yet, in reality we know that we do suffer from short term memory loss. We so often forget how much God loves us when we suffer and are daily bombarded with the trials and temptations of this world. Today we take time to reflect on the love and determination of Jesus as He allowed His body to be broken on the cruel cross of Calvary. We are also reminded that His precious blood that was shed for us was the only way our many sins could be washed away. In short His love for us was manifest through Calvary. Think of the depths of that love today as you partake of the Bread (a symbol of His body) and the Fruit of the Vine (a symbol of His Blood).

This evening we will gather to celebrate the call of this church on Todd Albea, and Stephen Wallace as Deacons. These men were selected by this body to be servant leaders. As we lay hands on them demonstrating our commitment to pray for them, and the power we know God is going to give them to carry out these duties. We know that God is going to use them as they world alongside the other 13 seasoned men in this church to minister and serve this body in what could be the last years of the Church before God calls us home. Pray for all of our Deacons as they faithfully fulfill the duties and office of Deacon at Toms Creek Baptist Church.

Rev. Wayne Marcus
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