Stay Close to the Son

Both the Arctic (North Pole) and the Antarctic (South Pole) are cold because they don't get any direct sunlight. The Sun is always low on the horizon, even in the middle of summer. In winter, the Sun is so far below the horizon that it doesn't come up at all for months at a time. The distance and lack of contact to the Sun makes these places very cold. You see when the Sun doesn’t shine on a place it gets cold.

The same is true for Christians: a lack of exposure or closeness to the Son will cause us to grow cold and complacent. When we neglect to spend time with the Lord and spend more time with the world, we will lose our passion and zeal for the things of God. This world has been growing cold and indifferent toward God for some time now, and to be honest, I think it may have started in the church. When the Church becomes cold, the spiritual temperature of the world falls as well.

It has been estimated that the Covid-19 pandemic will most likely result in 1-in-3 Christians never going back to Church, and 1-in-5 Churches closing their doors in the next 18 months. In a world that has already become cold, it looks like the spiritual temperature of  is going to drop swiftly. Please draw close to the Lord and allow Him to stir up the fire in your soul, the world needs to see Jesus in you.

Rev. Wayne Marcus
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