Let\'s Think About Love

When I hear the word "love," there are several things that I think of. The first thing is the love that God has for me. God loves me so much that it is incomprehensible. In other words, I cannot fathom the love that He has for me. He loved me when I was rejecting Him, He loved me enough to save me, He loves me knowing that there will be many times when I will sin against Him. In other words, His love for me is unconditional and totally committed to me for eternity.

The second thing I think of when I think of love is my wife. Over the last 36 years, my love for her has grown with each passing day. This is because she grows in her walk with Lord and becomes a better person each day and because I grow in my relationship with Christ and have a greater capacity to love. My feelings of love for her have grown. I try not to think of it, but I really do not know what I would do with out her. Although I have a deep feeling of love for Tammy, my love for her is not based solely upon my feelings. My love is based upon a much deeper commitment I made almost 36 years ago, a commitment to love her until death do us part. At times when the feeling of love has been stressed due to circumstances, the commitment to love has held us in the relationship for me and her to grow in our love. Without the Lord and staying true to His Biblical mandate to marriage, I would have missed out on being married to the greatest Tammy that she has ever been.

The third thing I think of when I think of love is my family. God has blessed me with two wonderful daughters and through them He has taught me so much about His love for me. Until I became a father, I really did not understand the depths of God’s love for me. Holding them as little babies that could do nothing for me and yet have this indescribable love for them, being willing to do anything to protect them and provide for them without any guarantee that they would ever love me.

God has a really good way of teaching us to love and how much we are loved by allowing us to experience some of the greatest blessing in life. I hope that you have know what real love is in your life and if not please know that it always starts with God who is Love!

Rev. Wayne Marcus
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