When I Think Of Dad

When you think of your Father what do you remember about Him? When I think of my dad there are several words that come to my mind that identify who he was. The first word is Funny, my dad was one of the quickest witted people that I have ever known, and one of the funniest and fun people that you could be around. He used humor to make sad or tough situations more palatable in life. If you spent time with him you were going to laugh and have a good time, it was guaranteed.
The second word is Fixer, as I was growing up one thing that I remember best was that my dad could fix, make or build anything. It did not matter if it was a car, house, bicycle, go-cart, fishing reel, gun or chainsaw he could fix it and make it work. He was an electrician, welder, plumber, carpenter, small farmer and could do it all or at least that is what I always thought growing up.
The third word is Faithful, my dad was faithful to my mom, and to all in our family. When I was growing up no matter what I was doing basketball, football, hunting, fishing or needing a hand with something he was always there. He could be counted on to do what he said he was going to do and being a present father was something that he was committed to.
The fourth word is Firm, my dad was firm when he said something we knew that he meant it. He loved us and it was evident, but he loved us enough to make sure we knew that what he told us to do had better get done. When he told us not to do something we knew that there would be consequences if we disobeyed him. The hardest whipping, I ever received came from the man that without doubt loved me the most and today I know that his love not anger is what motivated his firm hand of discipline.
When I think of my dad these are the things, I remember but the question that really matters today is not what do I remember about my dad, but what will my kids and grandkids remember about me when I am gone? What kind of legacy am I leaving behind? Have you thought about what your life is teaching, your actions are the tools that form the next generation? Live your life on purpose, because it was given to you with a purpose of raising the next generation.                      Rev. Wayne Marcus