Pastor's Article June 27,2021

Has America seen her better days? There are many people that say so, and of course others that will say that the best days are still ahead, which is hard for me to believe. If this country still has its best days ahead, from a Biblical perspective, we had better make some quick and drastic changes. Countries do not just die, they commit suicide and they do it by becoming humanistic, materialistic and ungodly, when the people of a country turn away from God they always turn to sin and sin is destructive. The crime rate in America is at an all-time high and of course the current president would like to blame this on guns, but guns have always been a-part of America. Blaming guns for the crime rate is like blaming hammers for the houses that have been built over years. Lawlessness is because a lack of keeping the law and the promotion of certain sins. You cannot promote and foster ungodliness and expect to keep some sin at bay while encouraging the celebration of other forms of sin. It has always been interesting to me how the world loves to say all sin is sin while to trying to protect the drinking of alcohol, homosexuality and fornication, but not why trying to stop racism, murder, and insurrection. No, my friend trying to keep the sins that people love okay and keep the sins that people hate from spreading is like drinking diet sodas and eating cake and ice cream and hoping not to gain weight. Sin is a reproach to any people and will always destroy a nation. Our country cannot curse God with our lifestyle and then pray and ask Him to Bless this United States of America and feel as if He is obligated to do so. If we want God to Bless this Country, we had better repent and get back to being one nation under God and I mean under His control and committed to His will. If we do not our best days are over and so will be the case with our country.
Rev. Wayne Marcus