This is an exciting time of the year for the gardener in me! My garden  is producing like crazy, both  yellow squash and zucchini, okra, tomatoes, cucumbers and Hot Peppers. I love eating out of my garden, but I must admit that just as good as the taste is the satisfaction of seeing the work that you put into something produce a harvest. You till up the ground, plant the seed, hoe out the weeds and fight off the bugs and animals in order to reap a harvest. When you are trying to produce a crop, it seems like everything is against you. The weather must cooperate, which is totally out of your control, and if the rain does not show up you have to either water or watch all your work wilt up and die. Now all of this has worked out and I am hauling bags of delicious vegetables to the house almost daily. I love it when a plan comes together, and work pays dividends. 
There is so much for me to learn from my gardening every year. Like the fact that the only way to hope for fruit from my garden is to plant and work it. If I do nothing, I can expect nothing. I was talking to a family member just the other day, who has a much more fertile garden spot than I do, and I ask Him how is your garden doing? His reply was “it is a big pile of weeds”. I said what happened? He said, “nothing”, I didn’t fool with it this year”.  That answered all my questions, when you do nothing to prepare, plant and work your garden it produces nothing but a weed bed. Life is just like that; if we do not sow good seed, we reap a life of nasty weeds. There is not an option of growing nothing, without proper planning and work, weeds still grow and they produce seeds on their own that will produce more weeds next year. Friend your life must be lived on purpose, or it will grow into a disaster. What are you doing to produce something great for tomorrow? We must work to be better and have God’s best for our life.
Rev. Wayne Marcus