In Matthew 6:5- 15 Jesus teaches about prayer and in those verses, there are several key elements mentioned about prayer. The first is the simple truth that when Jesus starts in verse 5, He says “when you pray” in other words as followers of Jesus Christ the Lord expects and should be able to assume that we pray. Notice He did not say if you pray, but rather when you pray. Then He talks about where we pray, which is important because if you pray more in public than you do in private it is a sure sign that you are praying for show more than you are to grow in your walk with the Lord.
He says enter your prayer closet and pray in secret and God will reward you openly. The evidence of prayer is not what you tell people but what God shows people as He blesses your life with His likeness and blessing. Jesus then tells us that our prayer is not to be vain or empty repetition but rather a heartfelt conversation with our Father which is in heaven. It is so ironic that just before giving us the model prayer Jesus says, “do not pray in vain repetition” and the Model prayer is probably the one prayer that is prayed the most in vain repetition. Makes you wonder if the people repeating this prayer over and over have ever read the verses leading up to it.  Prayer is not a show, or simply a custom, it is communication with God, us talking to our creator, the Lord of our life. He reminds us that He is our Father and then tells us the type of things that we should ask Him to do in our life. Such as provide for us, protect us, and lead us as we daily depend on Him. Just after teaching us about prayer the Lord began to remind us of how we are to go about fasting. He does this because prayer and fasting should go together and if the Lord expects us to pray, He seems also to expect us to fast and pray as we seek to grow in our walk with the Lord.
There is nothing more important in the life of a Christian than to grow in your walk with the Lord and there is no way to grow in your walk with the Lord if we are not praying and hearing from our Father which is in Heaven on a regular basis.                            Rev. Wayne Marcus